13 Sep 2009


Geplaatst door jhaagmans

Hi, I’m Jaap Haagmans. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a 23 year old guy from the Netherlands. In my daily life, I work for Rely Websolutions, mainly as a Ruby on Rails developer, but I also do a bit of PHP, system administration and internet consultancy. I have an interest in cars (both old and new), football (the European kind, mind you!) and cooking.

I hope you enjoy your stay and please comment on the things I have to say. We’re all here to learn!

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  1. Zanobaop 03 Aug 2015 om 07:56

    I only recently devocserid Krita, and I see so much potential in it! I have some experience using linux and would like to contribute to its improvement there. I would also really like to contribute to making it more compatible with windows. Would joining one of these programs be a good start to becoming involved with Krita’s development?

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